Dr. Kapil Deo Mehta
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Name :   Dr.Kapil Mehta
Designation :   Senior Principal Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  kdmehta@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  0657-2349007
Educational Qualification :   B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.
Areas of Expertise :   Minerals Processing, Agglomeration, Hydrometallurgy and Biometallurgy
No. of Papers Published :   11
  • International :   1. Mehta, K. D., Pandey, B. D. and Premchand, Bio-assisted leaching of copper, nickel and cobalt from copper converter slag, Mat. Trans, JIM, 40 (3), (1999), pp. 214-221. 2. Mehta, K. D., Pandey, B. D. and Mankhand, T. R., Bio-chemical recovery of valuable metals from Indian ocean nodules in presence of pyrite and sulphur, Trans. India Inst. Met., 55 (3), (2002), pp. 71-80. 3. Mehta, K. D., Pandey, B. D. and Mankhand, T. R., Studies on kinetics of biodissolution of metals from Indian Ocean nodules, Minerals, Engineering, 16(6), (2003), pp. 523-527. 4. Abhilash, Singh, S., K.D. Mehta, Kumar, V., Pandey B.D. and Pandey, V.M., Dissolution of uranium from silicate-apatite ore by, Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans, Hydrometallurgy, 95(2009) 70-75. 5. Abhilash, K.D.Mehta, V. Kumar, B.D. Pandey and P.K. Tamrakar, Column bioleaching of a low grade silicate ore of uranium, Min. Proc. Ext.Met. Rev.31(4), (2010): pp.224-235, 6. K.D. Mehta, Chitrangada Das, Rakesh Kumar, B. D. Pandey and S.P. Mehrotra, Effect of mechano-chemical activation on biochemicalleaching of Indian ocean nodules by a fungus, Mineral Engineering, 23(15), (2010), pp.1207-1212. 7. K.D. Mehta, Chitrangada Das, and B. D. Pandey, Leaching of copper, nickel and cobalt from Indian ocean manganese nodules by Aspergillus niger, Hydrometallurgy, 105(1-2), (2010), pp.89-95. 8. Abhilash, R. Venkat Raman, K.D. Mehta, B.D. Pandey, Isolation and growth kinetic studies of novel isolates from Indian Ocean nodules, Ind. J. Geo- Mar. Sciences,40(5), October 2011, pp.648-652. 9. Abhilash, K.D. Mehta and B.D. Pandey, Bacterial leaching kinetics for copper dissolutionfrom a low-grade Indian chalcopyrite ore, Metallurgy and materials (Matalurgia e materiais),REM- Revista Escola de Minas, Ouro Preto, Sec: Metallurgy and materials (Matalurgia e materiais), 66(2), pp.245-250, 2013. (IF=0.785) 10. Gaurav Jha, S. Soren and K. D. Mehta, Life cycle assessment of sintering process for carbon footprint and cost reduction: A comparative study for coke and biomass-derived sintering process, Journal of cleaner Production, 259 (2020), 120889, DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.120889 11. Gaurav Jha, Shatrughan Soren, Kapil Deo Mehta, Partial substitution of coke breeze with biomass and charcoal in metallurgical sintering, Fuel, 278(2020), 118350, DOI:10.1016/j.fuel.2020.118350
  • National :   1. Thakur, D. N., Saroj, K.K., Arya, P.K., Gupta, A., Mehta, K.D., Bioleaching of basic sphalerite tailings, IE ( I ) Journal – M.M. Vol. 75,(1994), pp. 99-105. 2. Mehta, K. D., Pandey, B. D. and Premchand, Bio-leaching of copper, nickel and cobalt from copper converter slag by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans, NML Technical Journal,39 (2), (1997), pp. 59-70. 3. Abhilash, R. Venkat Raman, K.D. Mehta, B.D. Pandey, Native Marine Isolates from Indian Ocean Nodules, Microbiology Focus, (2010), 2.3,7 4. Abhilash, K.D. Mehta, V. Kumar, B.D. Pandey, P. K. Tamrakar, Bioleaching - An Alternate Uranium Ore Processing Technology for India, Energy Procedia, 7 (2011), pp.158–162 5. Abhilash, B. Dhal, K.D. Mehta, V. Kumar, B.D. Pandey, Bio-processing for metal extraction, recycling and effluent treatment – an overview. The Banaras Metallurgist, 16,(2011), pp.109-115. 6. R. K. Singh, K. D. Mehta, Mamta Sharma and K. K. Bhattacharyya, Effect of Magnetic Field Intensity on Iron Ore Separation Efficiency in Slimes, Journal of Sustainable Planet, 2(3), September 2011, pp. 44 - 49. 7. Abhilash, K.D. Mehta and B.D. Pandey, Efficacy of Bacterial Adaptation on Copper Biodissolution from a Low Grade Chalcopyrite Ore by A. ferrooxidans, International Journal of Nonferrous Metallurgy, 2012, 1, 1-7. 8. Abhilash, Divya G Nair, Kirtal Hansdah, B. Dhal, K. D. Mehta, B. D. Pandey, Bioremoval of Chromium (III) from Model Tanning Effluent by Novel Microbial Isolate, International Journal of Metallurgical Engineering, 2012, 1(2), 12-16. 9. Abhilash, S. C. Pal, K. D. Mehta, B. D. Pandey, T. R. Mankhand, Bioprocessing of a Low-grade Chalcopyrite Ore by the Isolate of Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans, International Journal of Metallurgical Engineering, 1(5), (2012): 72-77. 10. K.D. Mehta and B. D. Pandey, Bioleaching of a Copper Sulphide Concentrate by Two Different Strains of Acidophilic Bacteria, Int. J. Metallurgical Engineering, 1(6), 2012, p.83-86.
No.of.Patents :   1 400 A production of ferrosilicon using banded Hematite Jasper 2012 1394/KOL/2012 CSIR &Tata Steel Rajesh Kumar Minj,Kapil Deo Mehta, Dayanand Paswan, Durbadal Mandal, Sanjay Prasad, Sanjay Agarwal 2 PAT-0485/2016/IN An improved process for utilisation of iron ore slime in iron making 21.03.2016 India, No.: IN201631009835, 00855NF2017 CSIR & Tata Steel T.C Alex, K.D Mehta, S. Kumar, S.K. Nath & D.P.Sahoo 3 Ref No:PAT/0561/IN An improved process for preparation of briquettes for recycling of iron oxides wastes in steel making 21.04.2019 CSIR & Ferro Scrap Nigam Limited Jagannath Pal, A. Ammasi, K. D. Mehta, D. Paswan, Manoj Kumar and D. Bandyopadhyay.
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Equipment/Software Skills :   Pellets Induration Test Rig (vertical), Blaine Number measurement Instrument, Compressive Strength Measuring Instrument, RI/RDI Equipment, Briquetting and Drying Machine, Sintering Machine, Furnaces

Awards and Recognitions :   1. MISHRA AWARD, MPT 2006