Mr. Krishna Kumar
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Krishna Kumar

M. Tech (Materials and Metallurgical Engineering)
B. Tech (Chemical Engineering)
Scientist – Non Ferrous Processing Group
Metal Extraction and Recycling Division

My current research focus is metal extraction primarily incorporating the non-ferrous metals like Mg, Na and Ferroalloys. To develop processes for ultrahigh pure metals and compounds is my aim. Currently pursuing my PhD in the area of phase change and associated heat transfer modelling during metal distillation and refining. My other research interests are to design and develop mineral processing and extractive metallurgy processes, application of modelling in process development and troubleshooting in terms of energy and efficiency using LCA and energy audit methodologies.

I extensively use various kind of high temperature furnaces and associated accessories, softwares like FactSage and Matlab, Design of Experiments, and characterisation tools for my research. Process thermodynamics, kinetics and transport phenomena are intensive aspects of my work.