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NML has the largest creep testing facility in India and one of the largest in Asia. Its materials evaluation and characterization facilities compare with the best in the world. In advanced materials development, NML has strong presence in Magnetic materials, Rapidly solidified alloys, Surface Coatings, Metallic Foams, and many others. Advanced materials processing and post-processing carried out include Mechanochemical activation, Semi-solid processing, Biomimicry, Thermo-mechanical treatments, High Temperature Synthesis, Advanced Joining, Grain boundary engineering, High strain rate forming, and several other techniques.

Research and developments at National Metallurgical Laboratory focuses on Minerals, Metals  and Materials. Through an arsenal of state of the art facilities and infrastructure, and on the strength of its expertise, NML has evolved into a premier Indian organization in the stated areas. It has to its credit hundreds of mineral beneficiation protocols, numerous strategic and substitute alloy developments, several industrial solutions especially in remaining life assessment, material selection and property enhancement. 

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       Annual Report 2014-15


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