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 Ashok KamarajB.E., M.Tech (pursuing PhD)ScientistFerrous Processing GroupMetal Extraction and Recycling DivisionArea of Expertise: Steelmaking, Modelling and simulation 

My current research focus is on physical simulation of steelmaking practices such as transfer operations, slag-metal reactions, continuous casting of liquid steels to improve the process understanding for production of ultra clean as well as zero defect steel products for futuristic needs. My other research interests are inclusion engineering, ladle metallurgy, alloy design and development of gas based certified reference materials (CRM) in steels.I extensively use FactSage and ThermoCalc as modelling tools, customized furnaces, water models and electron microscopy as experimental tools for my research. I have a keen research interest in design and development of next generation steelmaking reactors also. My research publications can be found at Research gate:,LinkedIn: Scholar: