Mr. Kalicharan Hembrom
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Name :   Mr.Kalicharan Hembrom
Designation :   Scientist
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  • Mobile/Phone no:  +91-7739297721, +91-657-2349023 (O)
Educational Qualification :   M. TECH
Areas of Expertise :   Mineral beneficiation process (gravity, magnetic, etc.) of different ores and minerals, flotation process , column flotation process, Modelling and Simulation analysis for predicting optimum operating parameters in beneficiation processes of different ores and minerals.
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No.of.Patents :   Patent filed : An apparatus and method for dry separation of materials based upon their density difference. Inventors: Dr. Ganesh Chalavadi, Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Dr. Rajneesh Kumar, Dr. R. K. Rath, Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh, Mr. Kalicharan Hembrom and Mr. Pankaj Kumar
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Equipment/Software Skills :   Froth Flotation cell, Flotation column, Gravity and Magnetic separators, USIMPAC simulator, Programming Languages: C++, MATLAB

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Actively involved in the field of mineral beneficiation of various ores and minerals from different mines of India as well as of other nations. Upgradation of lean grade ores/minerals in terms of yield, grade, etc. through use of different processing equipments. Involved in the prediction of optimum operating parameters in different beneficiation processes of various ores and minerals.