Dr. Atanu Das
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Name :   Dr.Atanu Das
Designation :   Sr. Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  das.atanu@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  +91-657-234-5077
Educational Qualification :   B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD
Areas of Expertise :   Welding Engineering, Mathematical Modeling of Welding Processes
No. of Papers Published :   10
  • International :   1. Bang, H.S., Hong, S.M., Das, A., Bang, H.S., 2019. A prediction of Fe-Al IMC layer thickness in TIG-assisted hybrid friction stir welded Al/steel dissimilar joints by numerical analysis. Int. J. Adv. Manuf. Tech. 106, 765 – 778. 2. Bang, H.S., Hong, S.M., Das, A., Bang, H.S., 2019. Study on the weldability and mechanical characteristics of dissimilar materials (Al5052-DP590) by TIG assisted hybrid friction stir welding. Met. Mater. Int. 106 (DOI: 10.1007/s12540-019-00461-6). 3. Das, A., De, A., 2018. Gas metal arc lap joining of aluminium alloys and steel sheets. J. Weld. Joi. 36, 19-26. 4. Das, A., Bang, H.S., 2018. Laser and gas metal arc based dissimilar joining of automotive aluminium alloys and steel sheets – a review. J. Weld. Joi. 36, 1-11. 5. Das, A., Bang H.S., Bang, H.S., 2018. Numerical modelling in friction lap joining of aluminium alloy and carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic sheets. IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sc. Eng. 369, 012032. 6. Bang, H.S., Das, A., Lee, S., Bang H.S., 2018. Friction stir lap joining of automotive aluminium alloy and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sc. Eng. 369, 012033. 7. Das, A., Shome, M., Goecke, S.F., De, A., 2017. Joining of aluminium alloy and galvanized steel using a controlled gas metal arc process. J. Manuf. Process. 27, 179 – 187. 8. Das, A., Shome, M., Goecke, S.F., De, A., 2016. Numerical modelling of gas metal arc joining of aluminium alloy and galvanized steels in lap joint configuration. Sci. Technol. Weld. Joi. 21, 303 – 309. 9. Das, A., Shome, M., Das, C.R., Goecke, S.F., De, A., 2015. Joining of galvannealed steel and aluminium alloy using controlled short circuiting gas metal arc welding process. Sci. Technol. Weld. Joi. 20, 402 – 408. 10. Saha, P.P., Das, A., Das, S., 2013. On reduction of formation of burr in face milling of 45C8 steels. Mater. Manuf. Process. 28, 550 – 556.
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Equipment/Software Skills :   6 axes KUKA KR8R1620 robot integrated with Fronius TPS500i gas metal arc power source, Finite Element Analysis Tool: ANSYS, Scripting Language: ANSYS Parametric Development Language

Awards and Recognitions :   Recipient of the Indian Institute of Welding "Weldwell Speciality Award" for the best PhD thesis submitted in the field of welding in 2016.