Dr. L.C. Pathak
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Name :   Dr.Lokesh Pathak
Designation :   Chief Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  lokesh@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  06572345026, 9431569431, 6201162220
Educational Qualification :   M.Sc., M. Tech. Ph.D.
Areas of Expertise :   Surface Engineering, Nano-materials, High Temperature Advanced Ceramics
No. of Papers Published :   107
  • International :   77
  • National :   30
No.of.Patents :   1. An improved process for the production of ceramic matrix composites, D.Bandyopadhyay, L.C.Pathak, S.K.Das, Ravi Kumar, R.G.Ganguly and P.Ramachandra Rao – IN9702267-I1; IN214901-B 2. A Process for the preparation of Alumina Rutile composites through a spray forming technique, K. Venkateswarlu, L. C. Pathak and A. K. Ray, 2627Del 2005. IN200502627-I1 3. An improved process for the production of high purity nano-crystalline alumina powders, P. Ramachandrarao, T.B.singh, L. C. Pathak and A.K.Verma, IN9801116-I1; IN216035-B 4. Fabrication of tailored hardness nano-composite coatings with low coefficient of friction, S. K. Mishra and L. C. Pathak, 2009 0150NF2009. 5. A process for the reducing the electrical resistivity of naturally-occurring Ilmenite, G.V.S.Murthy, L.C.Pathak,S.P. Mehrotra, S.Ranganthan, K.M. Godiwalla, 0113NF2009/IN 6 Development of Zn-Ni-Cu coatings on CRM sheets for anti bacterial and fuel tank applications, L. C. Pathak, S. K. Mishra, S.Kumar, Abhilash, D.D.N. Singh, R. Pais and T. Venugopalan
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Equipment/Software Skills :   X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Scanning Probe Microscopy Thin film processing equipment (Sputtering, Electron Beam, Plasma assisted CVD)

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