Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Funds available with Indian industries to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

• Column Flotation Technology
• Beneficiation of lean Ores
• Materials for Grinding Media Applications
• Anti-Tarnishing Lacquer for Silver and Copper-based Alloys
• Dip Cleaner cum Brightener for Gold and Diamond
• Anti-Corrosive Chemical for Steel Sheet, Rebar and Wire
• Cyanide free process for leaching and recovery of gold
• Cyanide free alkaline electrolyte and electrochemical process for rust removal from plain carbon steel components
• Coatings for anti-bacterial and fuel tank applications
• Nano-composite Hard Coating
• Certified Reference Materials
• Erosion resistant steel
• Graphene coated steel
• Synthetic flux and dephosphorization of Steel in Induction Furnace
• DRI from mill scale and lean grade non coking coal in Tunnel Kiln
• Briquetting of Ore fines
• Pellet-sinter composite agglomerate of Iron Oxide fines for use in Blast Furnace
• Portable Magnetic Hysteresis and Barkhausen Emissions of Steel Structure/Component
• Portable Giant Magneto-Impedance (GMI) based Magnetic Sensing Device for NDE Applications
• Cost effective device for defect detection in Wires during cold drawing
• Portable nonlinear ultrasonic device
• Device for fluid flow rate measurement through a narrow tube
• A rapid, reliable, non-invasive technology for iron ore compositional analysis
• Portable Automated Ball Indentation System
• Annealing Simulator Device
• "Closed loop corrosion test rig" Equipment for flow assisted corrosion study

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